What is the Bean Belt?

In case you're not from the couple of chosen countries endowed with coffee trees, chances are you have not really seen it. You will observe that the countries dominating the coffee industry are virtually all the exact same. Brazil, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and most more! these nations all are supposed to be to an area referred to as the Coffee Bean Belt.

What's the bean belt?

The bean belt is a horizontal geographical strip located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The lands discussed in this particular strip have the most suitable soils for coffee trees. And tropical climate permits the coffee trees to raise lush and bountiful.

The bean belt goes all over the equator. It spans through Asia, Africa, and both south and Central America. There are aproximatelly seventy countries which produce approximately 20 billion bean belt map pounds annually.

Why are coffee trees present in the bean belt?

Basic science would let us know that nations close to the equator have 2 main seasons, wet and dry. The duality of the tropical lands allows coffee trees to bask in the rain. It's exactly where they can hide under the shade, and also be harvested under the sun. The dry months is ideal to pluck the coffee cherries and drying them appropriately.

Now, planting is not merely about climate pretty much as it is about the soils. Majority of the bean belt nations belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire. The categories of volcanoes give way mineral rich soils which the coffee trees love.

Why do coffee beans change in flavor?


The coffee trees in the bean belt are specific with their own accord. But every country in the bean belt has their very own quality. Many factors contribute to the richness of your coffee, not merely the geography. Nonetheless, what comprises this geography?

The geography of coffee includes:

the altitude of the coffee tree

the soil's chemistry the climate in that area.

The particular assortment of the coffee tree likewise increases the taste. There are many factors such as harvesting, storage, and the coffee preparation also impact the taste.

The Top 5 Coffee Producing Countries

The bean belt is so powerful that almost all of the top coffee producing countries are within its region.


The land of Brazil is broadly recommended as the biggest coffee creating country for a long time now. It's massive coffee plantations so not surprising that Brazil stays at the top. Brazil has been the coffee queen since the early 1900s. Plus it has recently has been dubbed as the provider for one third of the world's coffee lovers. The signature coffee of Brazil is a medium-bodied, sweet cup of joe with very low acidity.


Vietnamese coffee, though handed down from the French, has established its very own reputation. Now, it's the second-largest coffee producing state in the world. Vietnam is rich in relatively smaller coffee plantations, as than Brazil. Coffee is so adored in the nation that there is a place known as Trieu Viet Vuong or maybe Coffee Street. And it's home to various cafes: over any you could see in just one block!

Vietnamese coffee is recognized for its versatility for various blends. Its darker and stronger brew is often added with condensed milk or perhaps yogurt. Usually an egg yolk whipped with the condensed milk serves as the perfect topping.



Colombia continues to be yet another very long runner in the list of the best coffee producers. Colombia is known for its great coffee. Though the true essence was brought from many years of hard working coffee farmers people who hand processes the beans. The landscape of Colombia is ideal for coffee production. Moreso in the upper highlands of the nation. Nonetheless, the transportation poses a problem. Regardless, its coffee grades are known worldwide.

The top coffee grade in Colombia is the Colombian supremo having a sweet flavor and aroma.


A Southeast Asian gem tops the list with a distinctive description. Unlike Brazil, Indonesia doesn't have big plantations of coffee trees. Indonesia contains numerous one to two acres coffee plantations. Of which all aid making the 4th most coffee beans annually.

The Indonesian coffee is high with mild acidity. Nonetheless, it's more recognized for its aged coffees. Indonesia is also home to just about the most costly coffees in the earth, the Kopi Luwak, and that is basically the excrement of the Asian Palm Civet. There's the signature sweet aftertaste.


Ethiopia is the nation that started it all. As the instigator of the coffee mania, it has remained at the top for a very long time now. And their traditions seeping into their cup of joe reflects the greatest cup you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=bean belt can actually get the hands of yours on. As opposed to sweet cups, Ethiopian coffees are full-flavored and full-bodied.